The team

Johan B. Michelsen 
Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Board

Work Experience: 

  • Founder & Partner of Hawk Infinity and Hawk Seafood 
  • 6 years as Deputy CEO/CFO of Ice Group 
  • 6 years as Partner and founder of Medici Corporate (M&A) 
  • Investing private money since 2008 
  • 4 years as Partner at SEB, consecutive ranking as #1 equity analyst all years 
  • 1 year at Pareto Securities from 1999 and 3 years from 2009 following sale of Medici Corporate to Pareto 
  • 1 year at Handelsbanken as equity analyst 
  • 1 year experience from The Boston Consulting Group 

E-mail: jm@hawk

Joakim Karlsen 

Work Experience: 

  • Founder, Partner and Board member of Hawk Seafood 
  • Partner at Hawk Infinity 
  • 3 years at Arctic Securities, Corporate Finance 
  • 4 years at Pareto Securities, Corporate Finance 


Joakim Karlsen
Emil Mellbye

Emil Mellbye 
Investment Director and IR Lead 

  • Investment Director at Hawk Infinity 
  • Investor Relations Lead for Hawk Infinity and Hawk Seafood 
  • 4 years of investment banking experience at UBS in London 
  • Part time work at Clarksons Platou Securities and The Economist Intelligence Unit 
  • Norwegian Army Officer Training School’s 2-year programme 


Creating long-term values