About us

Hawk is a Norway based private investment company with focus on strategic private equity investments through both minority and majority positions primarily within seafood, healthcare and technology. The geographical focus is predominantly Norway and Sweden.

The predecessor to Hawk was established in 2008 as a family office focusing on investments for the Michelsen family. The investment portfolio grew substantially in value over time as a result of solid returns. Hawk was established in 2016 to enable a more scalable investment platform with transparent corporate governance and external capital under management, at which point a limited group of external investors entered as shareholders.

The average annual return from 2008 has been approximately 35%. Our track record of high return has been achieved through strategic investments in private companies where we work actively as partners with the other stakeholders involved.

Hawk has a long-term investment horizon that can extend into perpetuity. We typically take an active role in our investments and seek to create value by driving transformation and growth initiatives in our portfolio companies. We only do friendly deals and we aim to cooperate closely with founders and management teams in a constructive manner to achieve the best possible results. Our experience with focus on growth, transformation and transactions are often our key contributions, while we look for industry know-how and operational experience to be in place in the companies we invest in.

The majority of Hawk’s investment portfolio consists of strategic investments in private companies within seafood, healthcare and technology. We have a close cooperation with industry experts that have been successful founders and leaders in related companies within each sector.

The investment philosophy of Hawk is summarized in the slogan “IT’S BLUE”, where the key principles are independent thinking, long-term focus, growth orientation and focus on constructive partnerships.

Hawk comprises of two investment companies today. Hawk Invest AS is an investment company focusing on investments in seafood, healthcare and technology. Hawk Seafood AS is an investment company focusing solely on opportunities related to land-based seafood farming and new aquaculture frontiers.

The Hawk investment team is fully aligned with the investors due to significant holdings in the investment companies.

Hawk’s investment companies are registered as an AIFM at the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.